Diva Maharashtracha

Opp. Mahim HPO, TH Kataria Marg, Mahim Mumbai - 400016
022-24454433, 24440202

Indian Restaurant

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(Refreshing drink of  raw  mange pulp flavoured with cardamom powder)
(Home made drink of butter milk flavoured with ginger, cumin & green chillies)
(An appetizing drink made with coconut milk, kokum (Indian Cranberry) & green chillies, garlic and garnished with coriander leaves)
Tender Coconut Punch
(Refreshing drink of coconut water & lime juice)
SOUP (Vegetarian)
Tomato Soup
(Traditional soup of tomato puree, coconut milk, chillies flavoured with cumin)
Tomato Beet Saar
(Tomatoes & beetroot pulp cooked with coconut milk, chilly, flavoured with cumin)
Cream of Tomato
(All time favourite creamy tomato soup)
Bhoplyacha Soup
(Inovative soup of pumpkin puree cooked with onions & spices & flavoured with celery)
Green Peas Spinach Soup
(Spinach & green peas cooked with mashed potato, flavoured with garlic)
Cream of Veg Soup
(Veg cooked in creamy white sauce)
SOUP (Non Vegetarian)
Narali Doodhatla Kolambicha/Khekdyacha Soup
(Prawn / Crab soup) (Meat cooked in coconut milk and flavored with spices)
Khekade Ani Kalimiri Soup (Crab Soup)
(Crab clear soup, flavored with pepper)
Kolambi /Kombdi Cha Hirva Soup
(Prawns/Chicken cooked with coriander and spinach and flavoured with spices)
Zhanzhanit (Spicy) Mutton/Chicken Soup
(Mutton / Chicken broth flavored with Spices)
Cream of Chicken/Prawns Soup
(Meat cooked in creamy white sauce)
STARTERS (Vegetarian)
Ukdiche Hirva Watana Anikajuche Modak
(Steamed dumpling of rice flour with mixture of green peas & cashew nuts cooked with mild spices)
Mini Chutney Thalipeeth
(Home made delicacy, mini pancakes of 5 flours mixed with spices, tawa fried and garnished with chutney)
Kaju Kothimbir Vadi
(All time favourite, made of cashew nut, coriander leaves & gram flour served with chutney)
Aluchi Vadi (Colcasia Leaves Dumplings)
(Traditional delicacy, colcasia leaves stuffed with batter of gram flour, coconut & spices, steamed & fried)
Sabudana Wada with Dahi Chutney
(Delicacy for fasting, dumpling made of sago, potatoes, green chilies, groundnut, fried & served with sweetened curd)
Kelfulache Wade (Banana Flowers Dumplings)
(Dumpling made of banana flowers, chopped onions & groundnut paste served with coconut chutney)
Cashew Veg Roll
(Rolls of cashew & veg cooked with mild spices & rolled on coconut powder)
Sabudana Pizza
(Inovative delicacy, crispy sago base topped with mushroom & capsicum garnished with cheese)
Paneerchi Karanjee
(Half moon puffs made of cottage cheese, cooked in creamy white sauce, flavoured with mild spices)
Kolhapuri Suke Paneer
(Cubes of cottage cheese cooked in Kolhapuri red masala)
Watana Batata Pattice
(Pattice of potatoes stuffed with green peas & cooked with onion & spices)
Bhendi Cracekers
(Lady fingers coated with batter of gram flour, peanut powder, mild spices & fried)
Stuffed Paneer
(3 layers of paneer stuffed with cooked mushroom in white sauce, green peas with onion & tomatoes with mild spices & steamed)
Bharlela Papad
(Mixed vegetables cooked with spices, rolled in papad & fried)
Kokani Kabab
(Made of Corn kernels, cottage cheese & coconut)
STARTERS (Non Vegetarian)
Ukdiche Kheema Modak
(Steamed dumpling of rice flour with mutton or chicken mince & flavoured with spices)
Mini Kheema Thalipeeth
(Roasted mini pancakes of 5 flours topped with mutton / chicken mince)
Kolambichi Bhaji (Prawns Dumpling)
(Dumpling of prawns mixed in a batter of gram dal powder onion, spices)
Kolambichi Karanjee
(Half moon puffs of prawns, cooked in cheese based sauce)
Kolhapuri Suke-Mutton/Chicken/Prawn/Fish/Lobster
(Meat of your choice cooked in Kolhapuri red masala)
Chicken Stuffed Chilly
(Boneless pieces of chicken marinated with green chutney, stuffed in seedless chilies & fried)
Ajwain Chicken
(Chicken pieces marinated with spices flavored with ajwain & fried)
Malvani Hirve Fry
(Meat / Fish coated with green masala made of coriander, green chilly & fried)
Hirve Suke Chicken/Mutton
(Chicken / mutton cooked in green masala made of coriander leaves & green chilly)
Koliwada Style
(Fish / Prawns / King Prawns / King Pomfret Marinated with koli masala & fried)
Prawns/Fish/Mussels/Bombil/Bangda Fry
(Marinated with ginger – garlic paste, turmeric, chilly powder, tamarind, rolled on rice flour & fried)
Lonache (Mutton/Chicken/Pomfret/Prawns/Squids/Pork)
(Cooked in pickle red masala)
Stuffed Pomfret/Bangda
(Fish stuffed with paste of coconut, coriander leaves, green chilies & tamarind & shallow fried)
Squids/Kalwa/Shinanya Golden Fry
(Batter fried Oyster / Mussels)
Bharlele Khekhde
(Crab meat cooked with onion & mild spice, stuffed in shell & garnished with grated cheese)
Bharlele Shinaniyo
(Mussels tossed in green masala, stuffed in shell & baked)
Bharlele Bombil - Kolambi/Khekhde Meat
(Deboned Bombay ducks stuffed with prawns / crab meat & fried)
Bharlela Papad - Kolambi/Khekhadi Meat
(Meat cooked in onion, tomatoes, flavoured with spices, rolled in papad & fried)
Bharleli Tiger Kolambi
(Tiger prawns stuffed with red masala & shallow fried)
Bharleli Shevanda
(Lobster meat cooked in red masala & stuffed)
King Prawns/Tiger Prawns/Lobster
Surmai/Rawas/Pomfret/King Pomfret
(Above sea foods can be grilled in three different styles)
1. Basic marination of salt, ginger – garlic & turmeric powder
2. Green masala of green chilly & coriander base
3. Red masala of red chilly, garlic, spices & vinegar base
MAIN COURSE (Vegetarian)
Batata Suki Bhaji
(All time favourite - potato cubes tempered with cummin seeds, asafetida and curry leaves & garnished with grated coconut)
Batata Patal Bhaji
(Potato cubes cooked in onion gravy tempered with spices garnished with coriander leaves)
Batata, Tomato & Bhopla Mirchi Suki Bhaji
(Potato, tomato & capsicum cooked with onion & flavoured with spices)
Flower, Watana, Batata Rassa Bhaji
(Cauliflower & green peas cooked in onion & potato gravy flavoured with spices)
Tomato Bhaji
(Tomatoes cooked with onion, peanut powder, chilly powder & garnished with coriander leaves)
Bharleli Wangi
(CKP style, small brinjal stuffed with masala made of dry coconut, crushed peanut, spices & cooked)
Wangyache Bhareet
(Home made delicacy of roasted brinjal pulp mixed with onion, chilies, groundnut powder & tempered)
Tondli Aani Kajuchi Bhaaji
(Konkan style, juliennes of tondli sauted with onion, soaked cashewnuts & garnished with coconut)
Suki Bhendi
(Lady fingers cooked with gram flour, onion & mild spices garnish with coconut)
Dalimbi Usal
(Brahmin style, vaal (pulses) cooked with onion & coconut flavoured with goda masala)
Vaalache Bhirde
(Home made delicacy, vaal (Pulses) cooked with onion, chilly powder & coconut)
Suki Usal - Green Peas/Chavli/Maka/Masoor/Moong
(Pulses cooked with onion, tomatoes, garnished with coconut & tempered)
Oli Usal (with Gravy) - Green Peas/Masoor/Moong/Chavli
(Pulses cooked with onion & coconut based gravy flavoured with spices)
Amti Kalya Watanyachi/Hirva Watanyachi/Masoor/Chavli
(Traditional delicacy, pulses cooked in coconut, tamarind & jaggary based gravy, flavoured with garam masala)
Hirva Rassa - Of Watana/Maka/Paneer
(Pulses cooked in green masala made of coriander leaves, green chilies, spinach & coconut)
(Traditional delicacy of Marathas, gram flour cooked with onion, green chilies & tempered with mustard seeds & curry leaves)
Veg/Paneer Kolhapuri
(Combination of garden fresh vegetables or cottage cheese cooked in traditional kolhapuri red gravy of onion, tomatoes, dry coconut & spices)
Veg/Paneer Varhadi Rassa
(Veg or cottage cheese cooked in coconut, peanuts, jaggary & tamarind based gravy)
(Gram dal dumpling cooked in gravy of onion & coconut flavoured with kala goda masala)
MAIN COURSE (Non Vegetarian)
Kolhapuri Tambda Rassa - Mutton/Chicken
(Meat cooked in onion, tomato, & kolhapuri red masala)
Kolhapuri Pandhara Rassa - Mutton/Chicken
(Meat cooked with Kolhapuri white masala & coconut milk)
Malvani Hirva Rassa - Chicken/Fish/Prawns
(Cooked in coriander, green chillies & coconut based green masala)
Nagpuri Saoji Mutton
(Saoji community delicacy, meat cooked with onion, & saoji garam masala)
Malvani Mutto/Chicken Shagoti
(Popular Konkan dish, meat cooked in onion, coconut paste & malvani garam masala)
Nagpuri Dahi Mutton/Chicken/Prawns
(Marinated meat / prawns cooked in coconut & curd based gravy flavoured with spices)
Varhadi Mutton/Chicken/Prawns Rassa
(Cooked in dry coconut, poppy seeds, peanuts & tamarind based gravy)
Pathari Mutton/Chicken
(Pathare Prabhu delicacy, meat cooked in onion, potatoes, flavoured with Parabi Sambhar & tempered with ghee)
Udid Methi - Bangda/Pomfret/Rawas/Surmai/Prawns
(Konkan delicacy, fish / prawns cooked with onion & coconut based gravy & tempered with fenugreek seeds & black gram dal)
Fish Kalputi - Pomfret/Rawas/Surmai
(Fish cooked with onion, tomatoes, tamarind pulp & garnished with grated coconut)
Konkan Style Suke or Masala - Tisrya/Prawns/Crab/Lobster
(Cooked in coconut based gravy & flavoured with malvani garam masala)
Prawns/Lobster/Fish Masala (without Coconut)
(Meat cooked in paste of onion, tomatoes & cashew nut, flavoured with spices)
Comblache Hirve Kalwan
(Bombay duck cooked in green masala)
Konkan Fish/Prawns Kalwan
(Home made delicacy, fish / prawns cooked in red chilies, coriander seeds, coconut & tamarind based gravy)
Yellow Curry - Chicken/Fish/Prawns
(Meat cooked in coconut milk, green chilies, tempered with whole masala)
Dal Methi Varan
(Lentils cooked with cummin, tamarind & grated coconut tempered with fenugreek seeds)
Ambat God Varan
( Lentils cooked with coconut, tamarind & jaggary, flavoured with goda masala)
Sadhe Varan
(Lentils cooked & tempered with cumin seeds & asafetida)
RICE/KHICHDI (Vegetarian)
Masala Bhat with Katachi Amti
(Traditional delicacy, rice cooked with vegetables, flavoured with goda masala, tempered with ghee served with chana dal gravy)
Nagpuri Gola Bhat
(Steamed dumpling made of gram dal & spices, cooked with rice & tempered)
Sabudana Khichadi
(Favourite delicacy of fasting, Sago cooked with potatoes, peanut & grated coconut, tempered with green chillies, cumin & curry leaves)
Green Gram and Rice Khichadi
(Green gram, rice cooked with green chillies, coconut milk & tempered)
Peas Pulao
(Rice cooked with green peas & flavoured with spices)
Sadha Bhat
(Steamed rice)
RICE KHICHADI (Non Vegetarian)
Kolambichi Khichadi
(Rice cooked with prawn, coconut & spices)
Mutton/Chicken/Prawn Pulao
(Rice cooked with meat & flavoured with spices)
Bheja Fry
Kaleji Fry
Exotic Meat
(Mixture of green chillies, coriander leaves, grated coconut & peanut & tempered)
Lasun Chutney
(Made of garlic, dry coconut, peanuts & chilly powder)
Papad Roasted/Fried
Bhakri - Jowar/Rice
(Flour made into a soft dough, rolled into flat disc & roasted)
(Wheat flour dough rolled into small flat disc & deep fried)
(Dough made of rice, wheat & black gram, rolled into small flat disc & deep fried)
(Wheat flour dough rolled into flat disc & roasted)
(Pancakes of fermented rice flour & udid dal)
Coconut Karanji
(Puffs stuffed with mixture of coconut, sugar, sesame & cashew nuts floured with cardamom powder & fried)
Puran Poli
(Pancakes of gram dal cooked with jaggery & flavoured with cardmom, served with ghee)
(Thick curd mixed with sugar, cardamom powder & garnished with nuts)
(Thickened sweet milk flavoured with cardamom powder & garnished with dry fruits)
Shevayachi Kheer
(Vermicelli simmered in sweetened milk, garnished with raisins & cashew nuts flavoured with cardamom)
Sakhar Bhat
(Rice cooked in pure ghee, sugar & garnished with cashew nuts & raisins)
Narli Bhat
(Rice cooked with coconut, pure ghee, sugar & garnished with cashew nuts & raisins)
Doodhi Halwa
(Grated white pumpkin sauted with ghee, cooked with sugar & milk & flavoured with cardamom powder)
(Traditional milk pudding)
Pan Ice Cream
Veg Caldo Verde
(Potato puree & spinach  cooked in milk, flavoured with garlic & pepper powder)
Chicken Caldo Verde
(Shredded chicken, potato puree & spinach cooked in milk, flavoured with garlic & pepper powder)
Cream of Seafood/Chicken Soup
(Meat cooked in white creamy sauce)
Chicken Cafreal
(Chicken cooked in green masala)
Chciken Bali Bali
(Boneless chicken sauted with in goan red masala)
Mutton/Chicken/Prawns Pepper Fry
(Meat sauted with onion, pepper & chettinad masala)
Recheido Pomfret/Mackerel
(Whole fish sauted with vinegar based red recheido  masala & pan fried)
Chicken/Fish/Prawns 65
(Chicken / fish / prawns marinated with traditional chettinad masala & fried)
Manglorian Suka Chicken
(Traditional manglorian speciality, sauted with onion, spices, coconut & curry leaves)
Chicken/Mutton/Pork Vindalho
(A traditional goan catholic wedding feast. Meat cooked in vinegar based red masala)
Prawns/Crab/King Prawns/Tiger Prawns Xec Xec
(Marinated with goan spices & cooked in coconut based gravy)
Prawns/King Prawns/Tiger Prawns/Lobster Sacremento
(Goan delicacy, meat cooked with onion, tomatoes & vinegar based goan red masala)
Goenche Tolog
(Boneless chicken cooked in onion & cashew nut based gravy)
(Goan delicacy, pork meat & liver cooked in vinegar based goan masala)
Roast Pork
(Meat roasted & cooked in brown sauce with capsicum)
Chicken/Mutton Chettinad
(Meat marinated with traditional chettinad masala cooked in onion, tomato & coconut milk)
Kerala Istew Chicken/Mutton
(Boneless pieces of meat cooked in coconut milk, flavoured with green chilies & cinnamon)
Chicken/Mutton Hyderabadi
(Marinated meat pieces cooked in gravy of onion, green chilies, coriander & mint leaves)
Fish/Prawns Kozhambu
(Fish / prawns simmered in coconut & tamarind based gravy & flavoured with spices)
Chemeen Mangacharu
(Prawns cooked with raw mango & coconut milk)
Tender Coconut Cashew Suke
(A signature dish of Master Chef Deepa Awchat (Juliennes of tender coconut & cashew nuts sauted with tomatoes, spring onions & goan spices)
Mushroom, Paneer, Green Peas Xacuti
(Goan delicacy, of vegetables cooked in coconut based gravy with traditional goan spices)
Kooru Curry
(Rajma & French beans cooked in coconut based gravy, flavoured with corgi spices)
Veg Kozhambu
(Garden fresh vegetables cooked in coconut & tamarind gravy & flavoured  with ground spices)
Kerala Veg Istew
(Garden fresh vegetables simmered in coconut milk flavoured with green chilies & cinnamon)
Veg Chettinad
(Vegetables cooked in onion, tomato & coconut milk & flavored with chettinad spices)
Appam/Neer Dosa/Kal Dosa/Dosa
(Lacy pancakes of fermented rice batter)
Caramel Custard
(World`s richest sweet made of egg yolk & coconut milk baked into multiple layers)
(Home made goan delicacy og raagi (Nachani), milk & palm jaggery)
Chocolate Mousse
Shahi Tukra
(Bread slices fried in ghee topped with rabadi & nuts)
Khamang Kakdi
(Cucumber & peanut powder mixed with grated coconut & tempered)
Aambe Dal
(Raw mango mixed with gram dal & coconut & tempered)
Mix Green Salad
Mix Veg Raita
(Veg mixed with curd, chilly powder, flavoured with chat masala & garnished with coriander leaves)

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<a rel='nofollow' target='_blank' href='http://www.divamaharashtracha.com'>http://www.divamaharashtracha.com</a>

Key Offerings

Maharashtrian Cuisine

Products and Services

Tambda Rassa, Prawns Lonahe

Work Timings

11.30 AM to 12.30 AM

Reporter Comments

Meal for 2 - Rs 600

Diva Maharashtracha Indian Restaurant in Mahim, Mumbai

Diva Maharashtracha Restaurant in Mahim is one of the best Restaurant for Indian food in Mumbai. Located at Mahim, Diva Maharashtracha is a crowd favorite. The nice ambience, wide range of food and friendly staff make Diva Maharashtracha Restaurant a place worth visiting! Whether it is with family or with friends, Diva Maharashtracha Restaurant in Mahim is the place to go to when you want Indian food.
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