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Neha Jain
I visted this place yesterday and discussion took place reagrding redemption of coupons ,its okay to use once twice a month but not weekly as they will stare you and while making bill increase price of service and say prices have changed and how do you get alps coupon time and again.I availed Cleopatra Manicure- though results were not marvellous but it was good to use khojguru coupon -in this scrub is used and milk with rose petals massage is given ,really royal treatment,i was advised french but since i didn't had long nails i didn't feel the need. These days Cindrella story offer is running at alps.Only yesterday Famous singer Shivani Kashyap was there to promote bridal make up by Mrs. Taneja,if you fit into sandal you get flat 50 % off on your make up bill and alot of free services and beauty products for a year free,otherwise do not lose hope still you get 20 % off even if you do not fit into those sandals. Have a great experience taking Relaxing facial which would take out stress from your head as facial muscles are relaxed by massage . If you want to have Pedicure and manicure ask for Amit and if facial ask for surya and priyanka. I had really nice time availing khijguru coupons till they were happily accepted and i thank you so much for it. Keep looking up for such tie-ups with others .
User review 781584c250c19d08e0db6fd8ed30fe828c4876f9f02dc043c9d5767ebbeb4658
Neha Jain
Its the place where staff is really nice ,but they tell you prices other than normal if they know that you are coupon client.for eg. for rs. 250 oxy bleach they tell its 350 and charge it 350 and discount it.only one scheme per bill,beware of dermatologists they tend to recommed expensive treatments even if you do not need them and tell high prices for them and if you do not get satisfactory results ,she will say that take 4 to 5 seatings and after that she will say its not magic we can't change melanin content of your skin.
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